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The idea for the éclat experience emerged some years ago and has quietly awaited its moment to shine. We feel that it's now the right time to embark on this journey together! In recent years, we've felt a growing sense of disconnection—a feeling lost in the rush of life's demands. We believe that in today's fast-paced world, genuine connections are more important than ever. We are a team of creatives from various art and design disciplines, who are passionate about music, good wine, good food and creating. Also bringing along some years of experience in the field of hospitality and events.


Our goal is simple: to bring people together of disparate backgrounds around a table, enjoying good food in a beautiful setting, and bonding over shared activities like bread-baking, fireside chats, and culinary adventures. And not to be missed—a captivating concert held in the charming church on the property. Our vision embodies uniqueness, authenticity, warmth, surprise, and a natural deliciousness, creating ananalog experience that not only warms the heart but also clears the mind, leaving us infused with a positive energy boost.


Join us as we rediscover the joy of togetherness and create lasting memories at the éclat experience.“



30 Dezember 2024 bis

 02 Januar 2025

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